Update to version 3.8.1 R.1

Please read the following if you have made any changes to the following areas of your cart

  • Checkout
  • Emails
  • Products
  • My Account
  • Header

The following files will be renamed if they have been modified using Cart Designer or if they exist in your custom skin:

  • javascript/base.js
  • javascript/common.js
  • javascript/opc.js
  • javascript/opc/billing.js
  • javascript/opc/payment.js
  • javascript/opc/shipping.js
  • javascript/validators.js
  • styles/base.css
  • templates/emails/order_completed_html.html
  • templates/emails/order_received_html.html
  • templates/layouts/zones/includes/pikfly.html
  • templates/pages/account/order.html
  • templates/pages/catalog/elements/element-search-box.html
  • templates/pages/checkout/elements/element-cart-table.html
  • templates/pages/checkout/shipping-quote.html
  • templates/pages/product/elements/element-image.html
  • templates/pages/product/elements/element-pikfly.html
  • templates/pages/product/elements/element-secondary-images.html
  • templates/pages/product/elements/head.html
  • templates/pages/product/views/style1.html
  • templates/pages/site/pikfly.html
  • templates/panels/panel-newsletters-subscribe.html
  • templates/wrappers/default.html
  • templates/wrappers/elements/element-default-head.html
  • LaThreads/templates/layouts/zones/header.html
  • LaThreads/templates/pages/catalog/catalog.html
  • LaThreads/templates/pages/product/elements/element-image.html
  • LaThreads/templates/pages/product/elements/element-secondary-images.html
  • LaThreads/templates/pages/product/product.html
  • LaThreads/templates/panels/panel-newsletters-subscribe.html

This action is necessary to ensure that your cart has all the necessary bug fixes related to this release. Because the files are renamed, you can apply the difference between your skin file and the original engine skin file to the .381r1 suffixed file. When you are satisfied with the change, you can rename the file and remove the .381r1 suffix. After doing, clear the Skin Cache by logging in to the admin area and going to Cart Settings > Appearance Settings and clicking on the Refresh Theme button.

Improvements found in version 3.8.1 R.1

New Feature - PikFly Lite
New Feature - Product keyword search
New Feature - Authorize.NET CIM gateway with Recurring Billing support
Fixed - Recurring profile - Recurring orders table has wrong column names for Fulfilled, Status, and Payment
Fixed - Cannot process recurring orders cron
Fixed - Category sort order issue
Fixed - Cannot save text pages as unpublished
Fixed - No way to adjust priority of payment methods
Fixed - No way to adjust priority of shipping methods
Fixed - No way to define tracking number for orders
Fixed - Tinymce - Moxiemanager login / session issue, results in tinymce not appearing
Fixed - Product sort by in the admin area does not stay after clicking to the next page
Fixed - QR codes dont allow you to select campaign
Fixed - Trial form international improvements
Fixed - Chrome is now complaining that register pages have insecure content because of the submit button
Fixed - Thumbnails for secondary images
Fixed - Intuit / Quickbooks sync only syncs 1 product when products vary by attributes
Fixed - Cannot update billing info when fields are blank
Fixed - Error when dismissing intuit anywhere connection disconnected dialog
Fixed - Quantity discount does not allow for fraction discounts
Fixed - PayPal Express does not set line item details on doExpressCheckoutPayment call, resulting in transaction details at PayPal having no line item details
Fixed - Having a + in an attribute option will allow product price to be reduced by product promo code which it's not assigned to
Fixed - Gift certificate quantity on the cart page
Fixed - Gift certificate link on the cart page
Fixed - Gift certificate update issue
Fixed - USPS international Shipping Method does not update price with quantity change
Fixed - When enabling gift certificate feature check is there gift cert category & product in database
Fixed - 'Use lowercase letters in URLs' option is not working in Search Engine Optimization section of admin
Fixed - Cannot debug Doba responses
Fixed - Cannot change shipping states, provinces, countries
Fixed - Upgrade page in cart admin has error for domain name field
Fixed - All new admin area pages need a help link created
Fixed - Doba import - multiple list reloads on pagination
Fixed - Credit Card Storage - unable to verify credit card on order
Fixed - Categories with visibility off are still showing up under their primary category
Fixed - Updates are Available link hovers over left menu in Chrome
Fixed - Avalara taxes request sometimes returns "Input string was not in a correct format"
Fixed - WYSIWYG source popup on text page editing stays open when auto logged out
Fixed - Allow admin to force ssl redirection via a setting in store settings
Fixed - Image preview not working in file manager
Fixed - Adjusting layout settings in cart resets template width to 100%
Fixed - Z-index issue in cart admin
Fixed - Improve logic for attributes names
Fixed - All changes in cart designer get wiped when switching themes
Fixed - Cart admin allows you to create testimonials before enabling the feature
Fixed - On order page in admin area need indication that there are recurring items
Fixed - Export Products - option list flies back up when you select a lower option
Fixed - Product Export - should have option to select all options
Fixed - Creating manufacturers that have the same name as a category will duplicate the URL
Fixed - Products in Bestsellers box will show original price, even if price is changed
Fixed - PayPal Standard orders deduct inventory for 'Order Placed' stock update rule, even if order is abandoned
Fixed - Product with quantity discount and product promotion do not calculate correctly when quantity modified on cart page
Fixed - Inactive accounts notification does not check to see if admin is set to receive notification
Fixed - Externally hosted image_url does not display on edit product page
Fixed - Date function does not correct time (potentially shifted 12 hours)
Fixed - Generate password function in engine_functions complains about indexes on php 5.4+
Fixed - Design Mode - 404 when in design mode causes admin logout
Fixed - White screen when updating Order status without notifying customer
Fixed - Trying to Save header via WYSIWYG editor in Cart Designer produces error
Fixed - Product Location not being saved to products
Fixed - WYSIWYG doesn't have font size option
Fixed - Image alt text will not save
Fixed - Stripe race condition
Fixed - Product image zoom settings need to be added back in
Fixed - Doba - no watchlist titles or product titles appear
Fixed - Using WYSIWYG in header disables responsive menu
Fixed - Image priority not saving
Fixed - Tangible recurring product should not have auto-complete toggles under recurring details
Fixed - Product Export - Exports more than "Selected Items" when option is chosen

This update will only work for versions 3.8.0 R.2 of the cart. If you are using any other version you will need to contact support for an upgrade script.

NOTE: Before updating it is strongly recommended you backup your cart. Do not update a live site. We advise you to create a testing environment for the update and check the changes before making the update live.

To manually update your cart:

Shopping Cart Software Hotfix – Upgrade to 3.8.1 R.1

  1. Please contact technical support for download links.
  2. Unpack files from zip archive on your local machine
  3. In your favorite FTP client application go to the cart installation folder on your server
  4. Locate and upload the update-to-381-r1.php to the root directory of your installation. It should be next to the index.php, admin.php, and login.php file.
  5. Log in to the admin area and regenerate the .htaccess file before applying the update. You can do this by going to Cart Settings > Global Cart Settings and clicking on the Search Engine Settings link. Next, click on the "Regenerate .htaccess file" link to complete this step.
  6. Ensure that all your skin files are writable. Especially if you are using a custom skin.
  7. Upload the files from the zip package to your server. (overwrite existing files)
  8. To run the update script direct your browser to:
    Note: you need to replace http://www.sitename.com/path2cart/update-to-381-r1.php with the real URL to your cart.
  9. Login to the admin area of the cart and click on "Cart Information" link from left side under Cart Settings. Then click on "Refresh License Information" link. Very Important
  10. After update script is complete, remove update-to-381-r1.php file from root folder of your cart.

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